The 90-day Goal Planning Worksheet helps establish a sense of immediacy and action orientation.For the procrastinators among us, long-term vision and goals always remain that – a distant dream.  Instead focusing on the next 90-days, with a clear plan for action item enables successful outcomes.

Every long journey starts with a step and whether your goal is to be a CEO in ten years, or retire with a beach house and the ability to travel at a whim, or lose 20-pounds, it all boils down to the same question. What are you doing today and over the next 90-days?

The next 90 days are the most critical when beginning a new habit or simply working toward a goal.

In this worksheet, please focus on your most significant goals. Think about what goals are possible within the next 90 days or may reach a big milestone. If a goal seems big, hairy, audacious (the so-called B.H.A.G.s), break it up into smaller chunks to conquer the goal one bite at a time.

Consider both professional and personal goals and write down the goals that you feel will lead you to greater success.

Now, don’t jot down any and every goal., Think and reflect on what goals are meaningful and impactful.  Imagine yourself completing each one of the goals and write down the positive impact of reaching that elusive prize.

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90-Day Goal Planning Worksheet

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