To hit the bull’s eye, according to Thoreau, “You must not only aim right but draw the bow with all your might.”

You will need the will and the skill.

For example, you may have the skill to make a partner in your firm. But do you have the will? That burning desire and passion for reaching your destination despite the obstacles? Do you have the EQ (emotional quotient) to balance the IQ (Intelligence quotient)?

You will need the vision and execution.

Company executives may paint a rosy vision of the future. All companies want to be the best in their field, offer superior customer experience, and ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders. It is a worthy goal but will take flawless implementation.  Without an ability to execute, the vision will be nothing but an aspirational dream that will be out of reach.

1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

You will need the inspiration to do innovative things and leapfrog the status quo. But an idea alone is not enough. You will need to work hard and sweat to power your inspiration and make it a reality.  The perspiration may not be hard work in the literal sense of the word but the number of trials to get it right and iterative refinement to make it better are all about your work ethic and attention to detail.

You will need power and precision.

Some tasks require brute force, and some require extreme precision. And many others need a combination of power and accuracy. Of course, a job like demolishing a wall may seem all power, but the technique and precision where the leverage points are will help in making the task easier, faster, and the outcome better.

Over-reliance on one versus the other will not yield the results you desire. Next time, please remember that it is important that even as you aim right, you will need to draw your bow with all your might.



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