Behaviors Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet allows us to evaluate the positive and negative effects of our behaviors.

We all have many behaviors, thoughts, traits, and qualities.  And while some behaviors are beneficial and define who we are as a person, several other behaviors exact a severe toll on our psyche and well-being.

So, why do we tolerate negative thought patterns and bad behaviors? The answer is not as easy as most of us do not pause and think about the adverse consequences of negative behaviors. And many behaviors and thoughts develop over time and are not something that we specifically target and voluntarily inculcate.

If you are bogged down by your behaviors and are unable to make progress toward your career and life goals, it may be time to take stock and conduct a behaviors cost-benefit analysis.

What is Behaviors Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet?

The Behavior Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet is a simple way to identify the behaviors that are affecting your personal and professional growth and assess the costs and benefits.

You pick one behavior at a time and then determine the cost and benefit of each behavior and the level of adverse impact or positive benefit you are deriving.  You can enter data for as many behaviors as you want.

Knowing what behaviors are detrimental to you and the costs outweigh the benefits will help you in taking necessary steps to get rid of the behaviors.

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Behaviors Cost-Benefit Analysis Worksheet

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