RFP Qualification Checklist

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If you are a software vendor, a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) provider, or an ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) shop, you will often receive solicited and unsolicited RFPs (Request for Proposals.)

So, how would you react to these RFPs?  It all depends on several factors, and an RFP Qualification checklist comes in handy to evaluate and qualify the seriousness of the buyer and conduct a cost-benefit analysis.

Not all RFPs consummate in a deal – whether it is for your firm or a competitor.  And in some cases, even though firms already have a winner in mind, they still conduct the RFP process to satisfy the internal procurement policy and compliance requirements.  Of course, there are many other RFPs which are genuine and include a fair process, and there is a winner who meets the company’s feature, cost, future growth, and deployment options type criteria.

How do you qualify the intent of the buying company and evaluate the cost and benefits, and then determine whether to participate in the RFP process or not?   The following RFP Qualification Checklist will help answer the basic questions and give you an objective basis to decide whether to participate in the RFP process or sit this one out.

    RFP Qualification Checklist:

    • Are your sales and account management teams aware of the RFP?
    • Did your sales or delivery teams influence the need for the software/solution/service through consulting or implementation?
    • What is the genesis of the RFP? Why is the company looking for a software/solution/service?
    • What are the key business transformation drivers are necessitating the new software/solution/service?
    • Who is issuing the RFP – business, technology, or procurement teams?