Self-Reliance Checklist

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The Self-Reliance Checklist allows you to evaluate your ability to stand on your own. defines self-reliance as, “reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others.”

Self-reliance is inherently using your own will, skill, and drive to get things done. It encapsulates your sense of independence.

The Self-Reliance Checklist has 25 items. Please check-off those attributes where you feel you are strong and have mastered the attribute or practicing it in your daily life.

If you practice the foundational tenets of the items in the checklist, you’ll no longer feel like a victim, blown back and forth by the storms of life. Increase your self-reliance and enjoy greater control over your destiny.

Check off the items that you feel are a part of your self-reliance arsenal. For those areas that require improvement, please make a plan to inculcate those traits to improve your self-reliance quotient.

    Self-Reliance Checklist

    • I take responsibility. One of the key features of self-reliance is taking responsibility for your actions and words.
    • I do not blame others. Some things may be beyond their control. Instead of being a victim, leave the past behind and move forward in the best way you can with the situation as it is.
    • I am well informed. It’s easier to be self-reliant if you’re aware of the latest news and potential issues.
    • I spend the time to find solutions. Spend time investigating how to solve the challenge on your own instead of immediately asking others for help and advice.
    • I don’t rely on others to save me. Your family and friends may not always be around to save you.