Stop Being a Victim Checklist

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Stop Being a Victim checklist helps you in not wallowing in the miseries of the past and slowly, but steadily change your outlook on life.   By changing your opinion of yourself, you can build a better mental model which can lead to living a happier, and more fulfilling life.

Most of us have scars from the past from things that have gone wrong, people who have done bad, and events that we don’t deserve. However, instead of getting stuck in the morass of the past, it is time to let go and move on. Its time to build your self-esteem and let brightness into your life.

Commit to applying these simple strategies and techniques in your daily life and unleash the survivor that’s inside of you!

    Stop Being a Victim Checklist

    • Realize that you can change your life if you choose to.
    • Find your confidence by reflecting on your achievements, large and small.
    • Show your confidence to others.
    • Replace the negative tapes in your mind with positive, self-affirming messages.
    • Finish the tasks you start.