Dating at Work? Yea or Nay?

Life and love have become rather complicated. With the changing social mores and the availability of dating apps of every color and stripe and interest, the concept of finding a spouse at work has diminished considerably. However, besides college, it may be likely that people with similar background and interests are at work.

“If you wish to, you certainly can.  About 16% of people in America meet their spouses at work.  If you work at the same company, there will be quite a bit of shared interests.  Be cautious but don’t shy away.”

What could go wrong?

“Nope, not worth it. Most relationships at the dating stage don’t last long. And it will be awkward after the inevitable breakup.  And beware of the risk of harassment claims.  There is a lot of fish outside the office pond.”

Have you found love at work? What has been your experience? Would you advise someone dating at work? Thoughts?


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