The 25 Simple Tips for a Successful Speech is an ebook with simple yet effective tips. For many of us, standing in front of a group and giving a speech or making a big presentation is at the top of things we fear most.  There is this feeling of butterflies in the stomach thinking of all the people, desperately hoping you don’t mess up, and strain to get the words out without garbling them, let alone be an orator.  Our earnest hope is not to make a fool of ourselves.

Here are 25 simple tips for a successful speech. None of these 25 tips are earth-shattering in and of themselves, but together they provide a foundation for preparing and delivering a speech.

What is in the 25 Simple Tips for a Successful Speech?

The deliverable includes 25 crisp and coherent tips spread over 28-pages and is formatted elegantly with images and typography to make it easy to review, practice, and iterate.

Get the 25 Simple Tips for a Successful Speech and try not just to read but follow the ideas and tips and put them into practice to help you stay calm and give that all-star speech that you’re capable of giving.  Go and make it happen.


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