Always Smile.  A smile is the best feature of our face. And a smile never goes out of fashion. We know it is important to smile. Not an artificial and plastic smile but a smile that is authentic and from the heart.

Most of the time, a smile on our face is a result of something simple. If it takes winning a lottery to make you smile, then this e-book can’t help you.

Always smile is a 20-page e-book that covers the following topics.

Always Smile:


Chapter 1: Does money alone make you happy?

Chapter 2: Are you bothered by trivial stuff?

Chapter 3: A few questions to ask yourself about happiness.

Chapter 4: Does food make you happy?

Chapter 5: Seven simple secrets to happiness.

Chapter 6: How your personality drives happiness.

Chapter 7: Living in the moment is a source of happiness.

Chapter 8: How hormones play a role in happiness.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Always Smile e-book and get your smile on?.


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