Requirements Traceability Matrix Template is a tool project management teams use to ensure that every relationship and supporting documents are traceable for each business and functional requirement.

Software development and integration projects are complex, and without traceability, between requirements and related artifacts, the end result is chaos, confusion, and spiraling complexity in the system.

What is the Requirements Traceability Matrix Template?

A Requirements Traceability Matrix Template is typically a spreadsheet (or sometimes a feature in a software program) that allows for business analysts to document the relationship of business requirements with a set of artifacts such as test cases, design, related documents, critical dependencies and decisions, validations, and verifications.

The requirements traceability involves many to many relationships where each entity may have a relationship with multiple entities.

A requirements traceability matrix template typically has the set of requirements in rows and a series of columns that are pertinent to the traceability in columns.’s Requirements Traceability Matrix is a downloadable template and customizable to your needs.  After social sharing, you can get the Requirements Traceability Matrix Template FREE.

The requirements traceability worksheet is a part of’s ultimate project management toolkit.


  • The Requirements Traceability Matrix is a simple spreadsheet deliverable to map the relationship between requirements and various other entities.
  • The template is generic, and you will need to modify to meet your needs.
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