Are you trying to figure out the NEXT YOU?  If you are like most of us, you can’t fully unlock the future potential without understanding who you are.  A deeper understanding of your true self is an essential ingredient in powering the NEXT YOU.

Well, you may say I know who I am. I spent all my life with myself and being myself. What else is there to know about me. Perhaps, you may be one of those rare people who know yourself. You’re not alone if you feel this way, but you’d be wrong. What we are suggesting is not about knowing the peripheral you, but the inner you that is important to the current discussion.

The truth is we all know a lot less about ourselves than anyone else.

Generally, we do not spend the time to know our inner persona. Most of us afraid of what we will find. Instead, we avoid the subject by finding something else to be busy with – in life and work there is always something to do.

As you can guess, while discovering your true self may at times be unpleasant and inconvenient, it is the secret to achieving greater levels of success.

With self-awareness and a gauge of your inner persona, you can:

  • Gain control over your mindset
  • Don’t constantly repeat your mistakes
  • Be aware and address your negative habits
  • Foster healthier and loving relationships
  • Be able to forge a life path that meets your aspirations
  • Seek and find happiness in body, mind, and soul

In “The Next You” e-book, you can learn to unmask your inner persona – your true self – and chart your way to a future you deserve.

The Next You – The outline of the e-book:

Chapter 1:

Discover Your True Self. Your strengths, weaknesses, values, and preferences all give clues to help you find your true self. Who are you really? This chapter will help you begin that journey.

Chapter 2:

Mistakes Galore. We tent to make the mistakes again and again. This pattern is harder to discern than you might think. These are the blunders that block our potential and make getting to your pinnacle harder than it needs to be. These slip-ups adversely affect our relationships, finances, health, and career.

Chapter 3:

Mind Matters – Do you know how your mind works? Not the mechanics and anatomy but the specific way your mind reacts and responds?  For most of us, it’s a mystery. An ancient technique such as meditation may help you gain this self-knowledge and set you free.

Chapter 4:

Adversity and You. How we handle adversity has a huge effect on your future success. Most of us develop negative habits to deal with adversity and discomfort.

Chapter 5:

Habits. Our habits reflect our true self and in turn, can dictate the future. How are your daily habits and personality traits influencing your life and success? Good habits are a harbinger of success.

Chapter 6:

Discover your Passion. When you are passionate about what you do, success is easier to accomplish rather than something that is drudgery. Discover that thing that excites you.

Chapter 7:

Memorialize. Documenting what you do – the thoughts, pursuits, predilections, and activities – can provide the insight you need about yourself which in turn helps you take your life to the next level. Journaling is a powerful tool if you do it right and regularly.

Chapter 8:

Setbacks. Our worst setbacks and resulting trauma can shape our thoughts and behaviors for the rest of our lives.

Chapter 9:

Final Tips. A set of simple ideas to uncover what makes you tick.

The cost of this e-book – The Next You – is less than a couple of coffees and of course much less if you are a registered user or a premium subscriber.  It will be worth far more to you should it benefit you in some way. One nugget of wisdom can create that aha moment and power your future and help you realize your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the e-book – The Next You – and embark on a new set of exciting adventures and achieve your highest aspirations.

A word of caution: These content in The Next You ebook are general tips and ideas for self-improvement. and its employees and contributors are not providing professional advice.  Please consult your doctor or mental health provider for anything that requires professional attention and care.


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