Stinky smells are well a sticky topic at work.

“Don’t stink up the office.”

“People should be considerate and not bring smelly stuff to work and heat it in the microwave and then make the entire floor stinky.”

Should employees go to the cafe or the break room (if such a thing exists) to eat lunch and not stink up the joint?

Or the person who complains about food smells in the afternoon not being considerate? Is it because he does not like the concept of any odor in the office or just some specific food items?

While common sense can indicate what odors are offensive the spectrum of acceptable smelling food may range the spectrum depending on whether you are a vegetarian or a carnivore and all the way to which meats and what spices are in the menu.

So, who determines the acceptability of flavors, spices, and types of food? Are we going down a “smell” hole with this conversation?

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