The Worry and Anxiety Worksheet is a simple worksheet to allow you to deal with the sources of your stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and doubts that seem to overwhelm each of us.

Living worry free is a worthy aspiration, but the reality is most of us will have worries and anxieties galore.  The sources of these worries can be intrinsic and extrinsic, and some worries are justifiable while others are a result of our emotional state.

Think about all the things that you worry about and the stress and anxiety they cause. Daily, one may deal with the following things to worry about:

  • I am worried about mass shootings.
  • I am worried that I won’t be able to complete my project on time.
  • I am worried that my son is developing bad habits and hanging out with an unsavory group of friends.
  • I am worried about my health. My last physical wasn’t the best.
  • I am worried about having a child. My biological clock is clicking away.
  • I am worried about my car breaking down. I hope it outlasts the winter.
  • I am worried about social security and my financial security in retirement.

And so on.  Some worries are things that you have some control, and some others are way beyond your control. However, we still worry about various things, nonetheless.

One way to tackle the worries and anxieties is completing the Worry and Anxiety Worksheet. It will allow you to dig deeper, unpeel the worry and stress onion, and understand the underpinnings of what, why, where, and who and then come up with a plan to beat the worries and anxieties.

What is in the Worry and Anxiety Worksheet?

The Worry and Anxiety Worksheet has eight questions for you to work through and hopefully, after completing the exercise, you will feel that you have a better appreciation of your situation and can deal with the worries constructively and confidently.

After the exercise, if you feel the need for an online Worry Journal, please do check out’s Worry Journal. It is online and allows you to write your worries and deal with them with strategies and ideas to alleviate the situation.

Please note that the Worry and Anxiety Worksheet is NOT a substitute for professional help. If your situation warrants medical intervention, please consult your primary care physician, a licensed therapist, or a psychologist.  Do not rely on a worksheet to treat mental health problems all alone.

Answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how you can defeat worry and anxiety in your life.

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Worry and Anxiety Worksheet

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