Affirmations are a proven technique to instill positive feelings in your mind and then be able to channel those vibes into actions that lead you to desired outcomes.

Positive Affirmations Reshape Your Reality:

Positive Affirmations allow you to visualize a new reality and condition you to believe in what is possible. For example, waking up in the morning and affirming, “I will make today a great day” will position not only to feel confidence in facing the ups and downs but also implicitly contributes to looking at things as half-full and not let minutiae impede your progress.

Affirmations foster an optimistic outlook and through continual repetition and recitation inculcate a belief system that builds confidence, conviction, and courage.

Picture Affirmations and Video Affirmations for Multi-Sensory Experience: offers dozens of Positive Affirmations in various categories. We are focusing on quality and not quantity, and hence you will see the typical headlines of many websites that proclaim, “1000 positive affirmations” or “10,000 Affirmations”.  It is not the quantity but choosing a few affirmations that are relevant to you and practicing them continually and consistently.

There is quite a bit of research about the benefits of Affirmations.

The sets of Affirmations that offers are pithy, powerful, and positive. And the images enhance the visual quality of the positive affirmations. The picture-based or image-based Affirmations allow for a multi-sensory experience.    Furthermore, check out the Inspiware’s YouTube channel for video Affirmations.

Our current Affirmations span the following categories:

Let us know if you would like for us to create Affirmations in other categories.  Meanwhile, enjoy the Video Affirmations, the Picture Affirmations and power the next YOU.