One of the key features of is our focus on Affirmations and here is the list of affirmations in various categories and subject areas.

Please click on any of the lists of affirmations and you will see a set of visual affirmations you can review and download for personal use.

List of Affirmations: Curated sets of positive affirmations to help you in various facets of life and work.

  • Powerful Affirmations: A curated list of our top affirmations to power your life.
  • Positive Affirmations for Work and Career: A set of affirmations to help you think, visualize, and succeed in your career and business.
  • Affirmations for Kids and Young Adults: A list of positive affirmations to help kids and young adults develop good mental habits and positive thoughts.
  • Affirmations for Girls and Women: A list of powerful affirmations to empower girls and women in setting their goals high and reaching stratospheric heights.
  • Health Affirmations: The list of health, diet, and exercise affirmations to help all of us.
  • Social and Relationships Affirmations: A list of positive affirmations to make your social life and relationships work better.
  • Affirmations for Self Esteem: Powerful affirmations to help boost self-esteem and confidence.
  • Positive Affirmations for Success: A curated set of positive affirmations that will accelerate your trajectory to success.
  • Financial Affirmations: A comprehensive list of money and wealth affirmations for achieving personal financial goals.

Why are’s affirmations the best bet to model your thoughts and behaviors?

  • Images and visuals make the affirmations come alive.
  • We allow you to read/view the affirmations online and on your phone
  • You can download, print, and use the affirmations at your home.

To make the best of the affirmations, reading them once is not enough. It is important to select a few affirmations that are relevant to you and then repeat them every day until you see positive changes and the affirmation becoming a reality in your mind’s eye.

We will regularly be adding to the list of affirmations and hence please bookmark the page and check back often.

Disclaimer: While positive affirmations help model our behaviors and change our mindset, they are not a substitute for professional help.  So, if you need professional help, please connect with a physician, psychologist, financial planner, attorney, and other such experts.

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