Building a Can-Do Spirit Checklist

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Building a Can Do Spirit Checklist helps you get out of a negative spiral and fosters an “I Can” attitude.  For many of us fears, uncertainties, doubts fester, and our outlook becomes pessimistic.  Where did that “I can do it all by myself,” spirit that is a key part of our vocabulary as a child vanish?

Please check off the items that you do and for those items on the Building a Can-Do Spirit Checklist that you are not yet comfortable, pick one or two and add them to your habits.

Let your, “I can’t” attitude give way to the “I Can” spirit.

Building a Can-Do Spirit Checklist

    Practice Affirmations

    • I can and I will.
    • There is nothing I cannot do if I put my heart to it.
    • I have the skills and the will to get things done.
    • With practice and perseverance, I can accomplish anything.
    • I am willing and able and hence will be able to do it.