Sticking to Your Diet at Work Checklist

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Maintaining well at the workplace is a challenge and the Sticking to Your Diet at Work Checklist offers handy tips to accomplish that goal.

Most of us want to eat well, exercise and be fit and healthy.  While a few of us can keep to our diet and fitness regimen, come rain or shine, for the rest of us, it is a constant battle.

Particularly, maintaining a diet at work seems a bit challenging.  In some workplaces, particularly in Silicon Valley, free food at work is tempting.  Even in places not as generous as the high-tech capital, there are occasional pizza, donuts, bagels, chips and a variety of snacks and food.  Plus, we all have lunches with our colleagues, an extra coffee run, and what have you.

Phew! Sticking to your diet at work is not easy.   Follow these strategies which will help you avoid putting on extra pounds from nine to five.

Sticking to Your Diet at Work Checklist

    Eating at Work:

    • Drink plenty of water. You’ll feel full while consuming fewer calories.
    • Eat mindfully. Sit down, chew slowly, and pause between bites.
    • Stay full. Start each day with a nutritious breakfast. Make time for lunch and snacks.
    • Encourage healthy breakfast or lunch options at work
    • Bring in healthy potluck dishes