Tax Deductible Expenses for the Self-employed Checklist

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Tax Deductible Expenses for the Self-Employed Checklist provides you with a handy list of items that can reduce your tax burden.

We all know that maximizing your deductions can help keep more of our hard-earned money in our pocket.

Here is a list of common tax deductions for the self-employed people that the IRS allows. Please remember to keep track of your expenses with receipts and a detailed daily calendar. Or better still use one of the many expense tracking apps available on your mobile phone.

Please note that does not provide specific tax, legal, or financial advice. This list is for informational purpose only, and changes in tax laws, your tax jurisdiction, and other factors may make this list of tax-deductible expenses not applicable in your situation. Please consult your accountant.

    Tax Deductible Expenses for the Self-employed Checklist

      • Business-related phone lines (cell phone, landline or both)
      • Cost of dry cleaning for a work wardrobe
      • Industry specific magazine subscriptions
      • Marketing and advertising costs
      • Office supplies: pens, paper, stapler, file folders, calendars, etc.