The top 10 reasons to forgive is a summation why you should practice the art of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not easy, and at times when the thirst for revenge and retribution are high, you are not thinking about forgiving.

Holding a grudge may not be the best thing for your mental health. Once the storm passes, what may seem a big deal may not be at all. Or even if the other person did something wrong and deserves retribution, it is not about them but you – are you willing to let go.

Forgiving isn’t the same as forgetting. There are plenty of people you should forgive, but not allow the opportunity to hurt or betray you again. One good example is an abusive relationship. Forgiving doesn’t mean returning to a dangerous situation.

Be more forgiving, and your life will be much more comfortable and happier. Holding a grudge hurts you more than it does the other person. Remember, forgiveness can be the ultimate revenge.

Top 10 Reasons to Forgive:


Lower your Anger.

Anger is harmful to your mental health. Forgiveness helps you take the moral high ground and then not be angry.


Avoid Conflict.

Continuing to simmer and stew about past events will lead to further conflict. If you don’t forgive, the dispute may escalate with tit for tat actions. Forgiveness helps avoid or minimize conflict.


Forgiving boosts your Health.

Anger and stress have adverse impacts on just your mental health but also contribute to physical ailments. Forgiveness help seeks higher moral ground and has a positive effect on your mental and physical health. Forgive and live long and prosper.


Save Time.

Holding a grudge and acting on that impulse takes a lot of time and energy. All the time spent thinking and acting on negative thoughts about someone else could be better spent on focusing on your own life and goals. Time is precious and hence don’t waste it on thinking negative thoughts about another person.


Move Forward.

If you continue to hold a grudge and be angry, you cannot move on. You will put your life on hold. If that were the case, you cannot move forward and instead focuses on the past.


Happy Mind.

If you decide not to forgive a person, it is likely that he/she will occupy a permanent space in your head. The person and the offending situation intrude on your thoughts and degrade your concentration. A clear mind and forgiveness go hand in hand.


Make Peace with the Past.

Instead of a situation haunting you in the present and into the future, forgiveness provides a clean break. It provides closure and helps you make peace with the past.


Let Relationships survive.

Every relationship you have may become a source of pain at some point. As a result, forgiveness is an integral part of all types of relationships. If you don’t want to spend your life alone, forgiveness is necessary.


Forgiving begets forgiveness.

Unless you are a saint, you may do things or engage in behavior that someone may find unacceptable. Forgive someone, and you’re more likely to be forgiven – even if it is not the same person. What goes around, come around.


Forgiveness can be the best revenge.

Sometimes, forgiving is the best revenge. When a person is expecting a countermeasure, your ability to forgive may come as a surprise, making you seek the higher moral ground in the situation.

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