“Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized,” – Albert Einstein 

We have a tendency to hero worship individuals based on their achievements in one sphere.  Does excellence or expertise in one discipline a determinant of the overall person? Do heroes in one area necessarily the role models in every aspect of life? Well, it is impossible to expect such perfection from any of us mere mortals.

Give respect not idolize:

For example, Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest sportspeople (not just basketball) who redefined the sport and elevated himself to be one of the most successful sports personalities.  But why do we expect him to be the epitome of morals and character?

Or take the example of Steve Jobs. He is a brilliant entrepreneur, technology visionary, who revolutionized several fields with path-breaking products. But should Steve Jobs live up to unfair expectations of being a loving spouse, doting father, and caring citizen?

If we confine our realm of discussion and limit the scope of the evaluation, we can respect a lot of high-achievers who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen sphere and not idolize them.

Give respect not idolize should be our motto.



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