Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.  – Albert Einstein

Imaginative mind and an inspired spirit can achieve stupendous success in breakthroughs far beyond the linear incremental progress.  The inspiration from the imagination need not be much. All it takes is a spark to create a roaring fire.

However, as Einstein postulated famously, “1% inspiration and 99% inspiration.”  So, imagination by itself is not the whole story. Attention to detail and execution account for over 90% of the success.  But all the hard work will not be enough with that ounce of imagination.

A cluttered mind with a focus on current constraints will not be conducive to dreaming up the coming attractions.  Try to cultivate a sharp brain and a healthy imagination to create a new tomorrow.

Do you agree? Let’s imagine what coming attractions are in store from all the innovative minds out there.





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