Be audacious. Be confident. Be bold. These are the mantras to live by and the best way to overcome obstacles in life.

Most of us are paralyzed by the mere mention of the word failure. We don’t want to fail, and hence we will forego the opportunities to succeed.  Why is the fear of failure so strong and making us shy away from the potential of success? Unless we are audacious in our dreams and aspirations, it is not possible to achieve the level of success we deserve.

BHAGs are the way to go! (BHAGs are Big, Hairy, and Audacious Goals.) BHAGs allows treating the failures in the right direction – as nothing but steps toward eventual success.

The Audacious eBook by is a short and sweet exposition of the topic of how being confident and courageous helps us overcome our fears and build on each failure as a stepping stone toward success.

The Content Outline of Audacious eBook:

  • Introduction
  • The Fear of Failure
  • Identifying Your Fear of Failure
  • A Healthy View of Failure
  • Learning to Accept Failure
  • Developing a Confident Mindset
  • Famous Failures
  • Minimizing the Likelihood of Failure
  • Conclusion

The path to success has to go through failure. However, failure is a necessary part of success and successful living. Failure is a common result. It’s a lot more common than success. Failure is a short stop along the path to success. There is no significant success without a significant amount of failure, too.

The fear of failure can be a great hindrance to achievement. Getting over this fear all but guarantees success. Fear can stop your efforts and lead to procrastination. Embrace failure and all it has to offer, and you’ll find success sooner than you think!

Audacious is a 35-page eBook and will help you deal with failure and develop the confidence and courage to overcome obstacles and achieve the success you deserve.


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