Find your Purpose and Ignite your Passion e-book helps you in unleashing your energy around your dreams, aspirations, and pursue your vision and mission.

True Passion is more than just dreaming about great things and going after your bliss. Passion is energy. Desire requires reserves of energy replenishments as you feed your dreams through accomplishments. That feeling of power, drive, energy, and borderline obsession necessary to achieve your goals is passion.

The Find your Purpose and Ignite your Passion e-book intends to help you in this noble pursuit so that you can get off the pedestrian path and leapfrog toward your true north.

The 25-page e-book is concise and has practical ideas and actionable tips.

Content Outline of Find your Purpose and Ignite your Passion:


Passion: Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Committing to Your Purpose

Living Your Purpose

The Story of Sherry: A Child with a Passion for Helping Others

Passion: Energy




The Story of Ron: Passionate Dedication to His Craft

Passion: Flow


Internal and External Motivation and Rewards

What’s Next?

The Story of Keira: Merging Passions


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