The coffee fund spreadsheet template is a simple excel spreadsheet to calculate the future value of savings over a certain period of time.  The spreadsheet is a companion to the article, “The Starbucks Fund” and intends to allow users to plug in some numbers about a recurring discretionary expense and see how much savings will accrue in the future.

Coffee Fund Spreadsheet Template:

Users will need to enter the following numbers and assumptions:

  • The number of times each day the user incurs the expense on weekdays and weekends
  • The average cost including taxes and tips
  • The price if the same thing is made at home
  • A growth rate for how the investments might grow over a long-term

The spreadsheet then calculates the following:

  • Total net cost per month
  • The future value of savings in 1o years, 20 years, and 30 years.

Obviously, the coffee fund future value calculation template is not locked and one can customize to their own needs. While the use case for this particular future value of savings template is coffee, other similar recurring and discretionary expenses can be explored. For example, the savings by skipping the weekly pizza and beer night, or the movie and popcorn night out, or the weekly wine tasting.

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  • The coffee fund spreadsheet is a simple future value calculation.
  • The template is for generic planning only and does not guarantee any outcome. We do not provide financial, legal, tax or other advice. Please consult your advisors.
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