Conflict Resolution Template is a simple Excel Spreadsheet worksheet to document and resolve conflicts between coworkers in the workplace.  One may also modify and customize the template to personal/relationship conflicts, but the primary venue and audience for this version of the conflict resolution template are among team members at work.

Workplace conflicts are inevitable and simmering frictions come out into the open in the form of conflicts. Managers need a simple and effective way to identify the conflict, analyze it, and help resolve it by identifying common ground and a strategic implementation plan.

Of course, sometimes conflict resolution is not easy and may involve issues bordering on behaviors when involvement of your HR (Human Resources) representative or legal counsel may be necessary.

But in common situations, a manager or a company representative who can act as an independent arbiter, without taking sides, will be able to discuss with all parties to understand, empathize, brainstorm solutions, and create a sound action plan. conflict resolution worksheet helps in these situations.

What is in the Conflict Resolution Template?

The Conflict Resolution Template is a simple excel worksheet with fields to enter the following:

  • Participants in the conflict and their version of the story.
  • Document a summary of the synthesis of various perspectives.
  • Identify the source of the conflict. (You will be able to modify the variables.)
  • Establish the stage of the conflict. (You will be able to customize the stages.)
  • Options for resolution after brainstorming with the team and the participants of the conflict.
  • Evaluate the options for their ability to establish common ground and also potential adverse consequences.
  • An action plan with a responsible person, start and end dates, and the outcome.


  • The conflict resolution template is not a substitute for professional mediators help or legal counsel. And in cases where issues you suspect issues like harassment, discrimination, bullying et al., please do consult your legal department.
  • The template is generic, and you will need to modify to meet your needs.
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