The Project Resource Commitment Matrix is an Excel template to help manage the resources and their time allocation to the project.  The resource commitment matrix is simple and easy to use and does not contain any complicated formulas.  You may download and customize to your project needs.

What is a Project Resource Commitment Matrix?

Every project has ebbs and flows, and not all resources are necessary to be full time all the time.  Except for a few core resources, the rest of the members of the project allocate a portion of their time and try to balance several other work commitments alongside.  A project resource commitment matrix or a project staffing sheet provides an opportunity to document the time commitment of each resource.  Such information helps in resource allocation and also calculating the resource overhead and costs.

What is in the Project Resource Commitment Matrix Template?

The Project Resource Commitment Matrix is an Excel spreadsheet with the ability to enter basic project information and then the resources, their role on the project, and the weekly time commitment.  The template includes 52 weeks, but you can add or delete or modify it to a monthly schedule.  The second worksheet has two simple charts to highlight weekly time commitment and per resource time commitment.

The resource management template is customizable and easy to use.  It does not have any macros or complicated formulae.

Get the Project Resource Commitment Template and obviate the need to build it from scratch. The cost is less than a coffee and a donut.


  • The Project Resource Commitment Matrix is a simple project management deliverable to document the time allocation of various resources to a specific project.
  • The template is generic, and you will need to modify to meet your needs.
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