Isn’t it time you said goodbye to toxic people from your life? At work and in life, toxic people abound. The toxic boss is a reality for many of us in the workplace.  A toxic uncle or a spouse or a sibling or an aunt or a friend could be equally devastating on our psyche and self-esteem.

Toxic people spread toxicity – that’s their job.  The question is how do we get rid of such bad apples from our life?  That’s what is the topic of the mini-ebook – Say Goodbye to Toxic People from Your Life.

The mini ebook provides a perspective on how to approach the topic of toxic people, examining the traits and attributes, and thinking about the concept of who your friends should be in a thoughtful manner.

The eBook has self-reflection questions interspersed throughout and will provide you with a framework to think about the topic of toxicity.


  • The Say Goodbye to Toxic People from Your Life is a 15-page mini PDF ebook. The ebook frames the issue of toxic people and how to think about them and does not have specific strategies for how to get rid of them.
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