WBS Template (Work Breakdown Structure) template is a list of standard items/activities which are a standard part of any project.  The WBS template comprises of over 300 items and can accelerate the creation of your project plan or Work Breakdown Structure. Effectively, this template is a sample WBS for a generic software/technology project.

What is a WBS (or Work Breakdown Structure)?

WBS or Work Breakdown Structure is a sequential grouping of work tasks and activities to allow project teams to plan and implement logical pieces of work to deliver business value.   The WBS helps in identifying resource needs, cross-functional dependencies, and is a foundation for comprehensive business and technical project plans.

What is the WBS Template?

The WBS Template is a customizable and pre-built WBS model to serve as a starting point for documenting the work breakdown structure of the projects within the enterprise.  Our WBS template is primarily for a technical project involving software development, integration, testing, and launch.  The WBS template is generic, and the project teams can tailor it to their needs by including domain specific and project specific activities and milestones.

Key Sections of the WBS Template:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Business Requirements Gathering
  • Architecture and Design
    • Functional Design
    • Technical Design
  • Development and Integration
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Launch Preparation
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Go Live and General Availability WBS Template is in an Excel Spreadsheet format and is customizable to your projects’ specific needs. Get the work breakdown structure template and save time and effort.


  • The WBS Template is a simple list of project activities and items in a spreadsheet format.
  • The template is generic, and you will need to modify to meet specific project types. (For example, an agile project will not require this template.)
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