“Define your fears, not your goals” – Tim Ferriss

The following is a Fear Setting Worksheet Template based on a Ted talk by Tim Ferris. (However, we are not affiliated with Tim Ferris and nothing here is authorized by Mr. Ferris.) Most of us focus on Goal Setting. Setting goals are easy but taking action and achieving them is the hard part.  In addition to the unknown hurdles, the biggest obstacle that stops us from even beginning the journey are our fears.  Unless we address the fears head on and mitigate them, our goals will remain elusive, and our aspirations remain just that.

Remain how many times your fears were your worst enemy stopping you cold in the tracks? Remember how many times you never even start on something that is so important because fears paralyze you. Fears stop us from taking action and lead us into a zone of procrastination, self-doubt, and at times result in a zombie state.

If fears are the dominant theme affecting our lives, wouldn’t it be appropriate to work on “Fear Setting” rather than “Goal Setting”?  Of course, goal setting can follow, and you will actually be successful in achieving those aspirations if you first overcome the fears that afflict our brain.

By using the concept of Fear Setting, we face our fears, uncertainties, and doubts head on and find the inner strength to discover, assess, and resolve the matters that are impeding our growth.  If you confront all the bad things that can happen to you even before they happen, you can remain calm, confident, and composed when the eventuality occurs.

Remember, addressing the fears and completing a Fear Setting worksheet is the first step. But you alone can actually work to resolve the fears. And the worksheet for fear setting helps by bringing issues to the fore.

There is a dime a dozen Fear setting templates, but the advantage of Inspiware Fear Setting Worksheet is that you can complete it online, edit in the future, and of course, you can save, print, and share as PDF. So, it is live, dynamic, editable, and ongoing to help you confront and overcome your fears.

Fear Setting Worksheet

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Fear Setting Worksheet

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