Handling Criticism Worksheet helps you in crafting a plan on how to deal with criticism – whether it is constructive criticism or destructive criticism.

Each day we face criticism and how we handle it depends on the circumstances, the person leveling the criticism, and how much it stings.

Sometimes we brush off criticism and sometimes it shakes to our core.  And how we respond may range from unbridled anger to a silent rage to resigned acceptance.

Wouldn’t it be better to peel back the onion and learn how to deal with the various types of criticism?

Well, if so, then the Handling Criticism Worksheet will help you a great deal.

What is Handling Criticism Worksheet?

Handling criticism worksheet is a simple and easy to use an online form to evaluate and analyze the source of criticism, their intent, the meaning of the criticism, and how to respond it.

The advantage of analyzing criticism that stings is instead of an involuntary flight or fight response, you will be able to deal with it calmly and choose your strategies on how to respond. As you work toward internalizing the way to deal with criticism, you will have a toolset that will stand you in good stead in handling future criticism.

Once you purchase and redeem access to the handling criticism worksheet, you can work on the worksheet, and save, edit, print, and create PDFs.

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