100 Ways to Motivate Employees is a handy guide for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and HR professionals to learn about creative and effective motivation techniques.

Today, with intense global competition, talent is one of the scarcest resources.  Finding right talent, retaining them, nurturing them, and developing them is not an easy task.  A highly motivated workforce that performs at a peak level is an even bigger challenge.

That is there Inspiware’s 100 Ways to Motivate Employees will be a helpful guide to explore various motivation techniques and zero in on what works for your company and its culture.

The 100 ideas to motivate your employees is not just about monetary rewards. Money is important but sometimes other factors contribute more to highly-motivated employees.  There are creative ways to motivate employees that does not cost a fortune.  Many of these employee motivational techniques are proven to be effective.

What do the 100 Ways to Motivate Employees deliverable include?

The 100 Ways to motivate employees is available in a PowerPoint format with each creative idea for motivation in a separate slide. The PowerPoint format makes it easy for you to pick and choose and modify to your company needs.

The deliverable is also available as a PDF.

Each creative idea for employee motivation describes the idea and the rationale for using it and the best way to implement the motivation strategy.

What types of employee motivation techniques are a part of this deliverable?

There are many different methods to help boost the motivation levels and sustain the motivation for a longer period.  The 100 motivational ideas span:

  • Rewards
  • Recognition
  • Culture
  • Perks
  • Benefits
  • Etc.

Here is a sampling of a couple of motivational ideas.

Sample motivational idea 1:

Kudos Cards: Get a bunch of Kudos cards that each employee can give to another colleague as a recognition of good work.  Kick in an additional monetary aspect to it such as a Starbucks coffee gift card or an iTunes gift card, the on the spur recognition and reward will be a great morale booster.

Sample motivational idea 2:

Super Hero Capes: Each time someone goes above and beyond their job description and helps make a project or task successful, present them with a superhero cape with the company logo. Each of us wants to be a superhero (or superheroine), and it will be a dream come true.

Sample motivational idea 3:

Welcome to world baby gift box: When your employee has a baby, that is one of the most exciting, exhausting, and endearing moments in ones’ life.  Celebrate it with a baby gift box – a swaddle blanket, a binky (pacifier), a baby monitor, a musical baby rocker, etc.  A couple of hundred dollars will go a long way in cementing your employee’s affinity and loyalty, and when they come back to work after a paternal/maternal leave of absence, they will be more motivated than ever.

And 97 more creative ideas for motivating your employees for a total of 100 ways.

What are the benefits of implementing creative techniques for employee motivation?

  • A highly motivated workforce has high morale and is more productive
  • A loyal and motivated employee will tend to refer friends
  • Employee motivation has a positive influence and impact on culture
  • Knowing that you care lowers attrition which can be a tremendous cost saver
  • These motivational ideas are one of the lowest cost HR strategies

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  • The 100 Ways to Motivate Employees is a list of ideas for boosting employee morale. Not every idea here may be applicable to your firm. The applicability and efficacy depend on location, culture, industry and other factors.
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