Description’s Brainstorming Template helps companies document various ideas, assess those ideas, and evaluate the relative value to the enterprise.

The value of brainstorming and soliciting innovative ideas is a proven technique.  Typically, for a successful brainstorming exercise, companies identify a topic and then identify a small group of cross-functional talent to come together for the purpose.  The team discusses a range of ideas, and then assess them in terms of a few parameters such as benefit, impact, risk, and complexity of implementation.  After each person completes documenting and self-rating their own ideas, the entire group chimes in and rates the ideas. The top ideas become a part of the enterprise transformation roadmap and specific initiatives and projects.

What is the Brainstorming Template?

The Brainstorming Template is an excel spreadsheet with worksheets for each person of the innovation brainstorming group to write down their top ideas and the benefits. Then each person also self-qualifies his/her ideas on three parameters – Risks, Impact, and Complexity.  Once all the team members document their ideas, the list is compiled in a single worksheet for group ranking and rating.  All members will rank all the ideas (including theirs). Once you sum up and average the scores, you will have the top list of ideas that are a result of group brainstorming.

You will be able to modify and customize the Brainstorming Template and make it your own.


  • The Brainstorming Template is a simple Excel spreadsheet with various fields and blanks for text entry. There are some calculated fields and some Excel Macros.  Once you make modifications to the template, we are unable to offer any support with macros.
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