A Change Control Template, in conjunction with a change control process, helps project teams compile the requests for changes in scope, functionality, defect improvements and related matters.

As we all know, the initial scope and requirements in an IT project change dramatically.  The change request process can overwhelm the schedule, duration, and costs of a project. It may also transform the original vision and structure of the project.  Hence, it is essential to have a change control process that rigorously vets the incoming ideas and opportunities, objectively analyzes the impact, and then allows for an objective decision, and have in place necessary escalation paths.

What is in the Change Control Template?

Change Control Template - Change Control template is a simple Excel worksheet and is a part of the ultimate project management toolkit collection.   The change control template is primarily a mechanism to capture the incoming requests for changes.

The default template comes with several fields based on industry best practices and includes the basic control information, details of the request, initial analysis, and decision.

The change control template is customizable to the needs of your organization.   Please also check out the Change Control Log template.


  • The Change Control Template is a simple spreadsheet deliverable to capture incoming change requests in a project.
  • The template is generic, and you will need to modify to meet your needs and project management methodology.
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