Enterprise Change Management Plan Template Change Management Plan Template is a customizable Word document which outlines the necessary sections and fields with tips and content cues to develop an enterprise change management plan.

What is Change Management? defines Change Management as follows:

Change Management is a comprehensive and integrated discipline to help individuals, teams, and enterprises as a whole to adjust, adapt, and thrive in a future state that is an exponential leap from the current state. Change Management is not just about the external manifestations – such as communication and training – but more about culture, psyche, and mindset, as well.

The Change management we are referring to is not “Change Control” which is changing requirements or scope in a software development cycle.  The change here is more about shifting the organization to a new reality.

Change management is ever more important, particularly with the digital and cognitive revolution underway impact every aspect of work and work life.

Why do we need a Change Management Plan Template?

A Change Management Plan Template helps enterprise transformation teams with a structured framework and guidance in accelerating the development of a change management plan.  With a set of appropriate sections and tips and content cues, the change management template obviates the need to conceptualize a structure and table of contents and struggle to figure out what goes where.

What does the Change Management Template include?

The Inspiware Change Management Plan Template is a Word document with a detailed table of contents along with tips for what goes into each section and sample text tidbits to get you started in building a change management plan.

We offer the template and the appropriate guidelines, but you will be responsible for defining the approach and writing the contents.


  • Change Management Plan Template is a word document with fields and tips for documenting a change plan.
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