Description Customer Journey Map Template is a customizable PowerPoint slide with a general depiction of the user journey with various fields to capture the stages, steps, emotions, and feelings during a customer journey.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Map TemplateA customer journey map (or customer journey mapping or customer experience map) is a visual depiction of the process and flow a stakeholder (customer, prospect, employee, and others) go through to accomplish a particular outcome with a company.  Unlike a process map which focuses on the mechanics of the customer flow, the goal of a customer experience map (or a customer journey mapping) is to capture the needs and wants of the customers as well as the pain points, feelings, and emotions during the interactions and transactions with a company.

A Customer Persona (or a stakeholder) accompanies the customer journey map, and a persona profile captures the demographics, psychographics, motivations, drivers, and state of mind of the stakeholder (customer/prospect/employee or others.)

Why do we need a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Understand the background, drivers, goals, and state of mind of a representative customer.
  • Helps in outlining the good, bad, and the ugly of customers’ experience in the value stream (or the specific business process and outcome).
  • Get a sense for the positive and negative feelings and the various emotions that your customer goes through during the journey.
  • Helps you re-envision and re-engineer the customer experiences for the digital age by removing the impediments and making things work across channels and devices.

Ten Steps to building a Customer Journey Map:

  1. Start with a business scenario. For example, “Re-ordering an item on our website.” Or, “Filing a Warranty Claim.”
  2. Identify a segment of customers who are pertinent to the problem at hand.
  3. Capture a representative profile of the customer segment with a Persona Profile.
  4. Make the persona as real as possible. Give the persona a name. Document their background, preferences, predilections, and perspectives.
  5. Divide the journey into a series of natural stages and steps.
  6. Depict the flow and the gain points and pain points, the feelings, and emotions of the journey.
  7. Use colors, emoticons, quotes, and expressions to highlight the critical aspects of the customer experience.
  8. Identify supporting capabilities, processes, and systems that power the experience.
  9. Socialize the customer experience map and iteratively refine.
  10. On paper, depict an ideal state customer journey or customer experience that alleviates the current bumps and bruises and the roller coaster ride and ensures a much smoother journey.

What is in the Customer Journey Map Template?

A customer journey map template is a well-structured experience map with appropriate fields and cues for you to use it as a guidepost to document a customer journey.  Not all steps or fields may be relevant to every company. So, as you gain experience, please feel free to modify the fields and tailor to the specificities of your firms’ stakeholder journeys and experience mapping.

The customer journey map template deliverable is an editable PowerPoint slide which makes it easy for you to modify and use it for mapping customer experiences at your firm.


  • The Customer Journey Map Template is a simple editable slide with various fields and blanks for text entry.
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