The Employee Performance Evaluation Template is an Excel Spreadsheet to help supervisors and managers conduct an annual performance review objectively.

The challenge with many employee performance reviews is that they tend to be opaque leaving employees dark about the criteria for evaluation and the components of their overall rating.

What is in the Employee Performance Evaluation Template?’s Employee Performance Evaluation Template addresses the transparency issues by providing a set of criteria and ranking parameters.

The Employee Performance Evaluation Worksheet is customizable to your company needs and allows for a granular rating of employees on a variety of evaluation categories.  In addition, the performance evaluation template also provides fields for identifying development opportunities and feedback to the employees based on their rating.

Employers can evaluate their employees on the following criteria.  Of course, you can add, modify, or remove any of the following criteria and the rating factors.

Performance Evaluation Criteria
·         Functional Skills

·         Attitude and Team Work

·         Customer Orientation

·         Learning and Development

·         Reliability

·         Interpersonal Skills

·         Communication Skills

·         Leadership Skills

·         Problem Solving

·         Cultural Fit

·         Growth Potential

You can also document the Career Development Plan and Feedback for each employee based on their rating.

  • Career Development Strategies
  • Career Development Opportunities (For High, High Potential, Developing performers)
  • Learning and Growth Needs
  • Skills and Competency Development
  • Performance Plan (For Low and Consistently Poor ONLY)
  • Overall Feedback


  • The Employee Performance Evaluation Template is a simple spreadsheet deliverable evaluate employees on a variety of criteria and provide feedback.
  • Given the sensitive nature of the topic, please have your legal counsel and HR experts evaluate and validate the template.
  • The template is generic, and you will need to modify to meet your needs.
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