Description’s Strategy Templates on a Page are a compilation of several frameworks that are useful in various situations in the business strategy, product management, and marketing areas.

One of the biggest challenges in companies is rank and file employees are not fully aware of the strategy. Either the companies do not disseminate the information to the operations, and implementation teams across the enterprise or the long and often arcane strategy documents do not communicate the essence in a clear and concise manner.

To avoid the information overload and hence the lack of coherence and context, strategy templates which are visual and simple to understand are a powerful mechanism. Of course, these single page strategy templates are not the primary source but a summary of the original document to communicate effectively across the organization.

What are Strategy Templates on a Page?’s Strategy templates are a set of single page and visual views of several common strategy documents.  Each template offers all the key fields necessary to encapsulate the essence of the strategy.

The following Strategy Templates are a part of the deliverable.

List of Strategy Templates on a Page:

  1. PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental Analysis) Analysis Template
  2. Factor-based Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking Template
  3. Strategy Map-based Business Strategy Template
  4. Corporate Strategy to KPI Template
  5. Alex Osterwalder Business Model Canvas Template
  6. Lean 9-box Model for Idea/Product Definition
  7. Product Strategy Template
  8. Positioning Template
  9. Customer Persona Template/Sample
  10. Buying Process and Customer Journey Mapping Template
  11. Value Proposition Template (Framework only)
  12. A Summary Marketing Strategy Template
  13. Go to Market Strategy Structure and Components (Framework only)
  14. Product Portfolio Analysis
  15. Product/Business unit Portfolio Analysis Template
  16. Requirements Aligned to Capabilities Template
  17. Capability-based Product Roadmap Template

You may customize any of the strategy templates.   The templates are all in PowerPoint format.


  • The Strategy Templates on a Page is a list of strategy frameworks on a single PowerPoint slide to be visual summaries of longer documents.
  • Since the deliverable is a digital product, there are absolutely no returns or refunds.
  • You will able to redeem the templates for a substantial discount to the face value by purchasing credits. Please review Inspiware Pricing and Plans.
  • This sale is subject to our general Terms of Service.