Reid Hoffman quotes inspire and motivate. Reid Hoffman is a Silicon Valley icon. Given his success as an entrepreneur, as a venture capitalist, and as a best-selling author, Reid Hoffman quotes are well worth listening.  Hoffman is the founder of Linkedin and is currently a venture capitalist at Greylock Ventures.  Forbes estimates his net worth at $1.7 billion


Reid Hoffman Quotes

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Reid Hoffman is famous for the term “Blitzscaling” a way to scale companies from a dream in the founder’s mind to a product or service used by tens of millions of users.

Reid Hoffman’s simple, but not simplistic, wisdom is encapsulated into his quotations.  Most of the quotes by Hoffman are from his books.  Most of Reid Hoffman’s motivational quotes are about success in entrepreneurship and individual self-development.

Here are top inspirational quotes by Reid Hoffman.  The best way to internalize and embrace the concepts and quotes by Hoffman is to read, reflect, and inculcate the wisdom into daily thoughts and habits.

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Top Quotes by Reid Hoffman: Sayings that inspire and motivate

  1. “If you aren’t embarrassed by the first version of your product, you shipped too late.” ― Reid Hoffman. Please read a Wisdom Story about this quote.
  2. “The person passionate about what he or she is doing will outwork and outlast the guy motivated solely by making money.”  ― Reid Hoffman. Please read a Wisdom Story about this quote.
  3. “For many people “twenty years of experience” is really one year of experience repeated twenty times.” ― Reid Hoffman. Please read a Wisdom Story about this quote.
  4. “An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”― Reid Hoffman. Please read a Wisdom Story about this quote.
  5. “Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.” ― Reid Hoffman
  6. “The HR department is like the soldiers in the movie 300, holding the line. They have no power to say ‘yes’ but enormous power to say ‘no.’ Their job is to prevent you from moving forward. Find a way to vault past them by getting introductions to people who can say ‘yes.”― Reid Hoffman
  7. “Blitzscaling is prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty.” ― Reid Hoffman
  8. “If you are not receiving or making at least one introduction a month, you are probably not fully engaging your extended professional network.”― Reid Hoffman
  9. “One lunch is worth dozens of emails.” ― Reid Hoffman
  10. “Making a decision reduces opportunities in the short run but increases opportunities in the long run. To move forward in your career, you have to commit to specific opportunities as part of an iterative plan, despite doubt and despite the inconvenience.” ― Reid Hoffman
  11. “Finished ought to be an F-word for all of us. We are all works in progress. Each day presents an opportunity to learn more, do more, be more, grow more in our lives and careers.” ― Reid Hoffman
  12. “Society flourishes when people think entrepreneurially.”  ― Reid Hoffman
  13. “Sadly, premature blitzscaling can sometimes kill a nascent market by “poisoning the well” so dramatically that investors and entrepreneurs avoid the space. For example, Webvan’s notorious failure kept most players out of the grocery delivery space for over a decade.” ― Reid Hoffman
  14. “Great companies and great businesses often seem to be bad ideas when they first appear because business model innovations—by their very definition—can’t point to a proven business model to demonstrate why they’ll work.”  ― Reid Hoffman
  15. “A lot of smart people are prone to over-analysis and tend to become paralyzed by indecision” ― Reid Hoffman
  16. “Stockpiling facts won’t get you anywhere. What will get you somewhere is being able to access the information you need, when you need it.” ― Reid Hoffman
  17. “It’s better to be in front of a big change than to be behind it.” ― Reid Hoffman
  18. “What you say ‘no’ to is more important than what you say ‘yes’ to.”― Reid Hoffman
  19. “All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA, and creation is the essence of entrepreneurship.”  ― Reid Hoffman
  20. “Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’. If you’re not growing, you’re contracting. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.”― Reid Hoffman
  21. “For life in permanent beta, the trick is to never stop starting.”  ― Reid Hoffman
  22. “Your competitive advantage is formed by the interplay of three different, ever-changing forces: your assets, your aspirations/values, and the market realities, i.e., the supply and demand for what you offer the marketplace relative to the competition.” ― Reid Hoffman

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