Nurturing a Winning Corporate Culture by is an ebook for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and business leaders who have the primary responsibility of establishing and nurturing a company culture that works.

A winning corporate culture is not a matter of happenstance or good luck.  It is the leadership’s responsibility to instill and nurture a winning corporate culture.  The corporate culture that works may be different for different companies.  Winning does not necessarily mean winning every deal and being cutthroat and instead of a win-win-win proposition for the company shareholders, the employees, and external stakeholders.  Many companies in the Comparably’s list prove that culture is unique, inherent, and fosters excellence.

The importance of company culture is self-evident from how successful companies seem to excel in fostering a culture that works.  “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” are the immortal words of Peter Drucker that herald the paramount importance culture plays in any enterprise.

While culture acts as the GPS for any company and sets an aspirational vision and the guideposts and guardrails, it is different for each company. Just copying and implementing a template culture does not yield the same results. It is like hoping to be a genius like Steve Jobs by wearing black turtlenecks.

So how does one seed, nurture, and grow a winning corporate culture? It takes vision, a set of core values that resonate, and living those values day in and day out. It also means hiring the right people who will not only conform to the cultural underpinnings but also contribute to the continuous evolution in the right direction.

What is Nurturing a Winning Corporate Culture ebook include?

The Nurturing a Winning Corporate Culture is a special e-book to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and startup founders to understand the strategies and tactics of building a company culture that works.  The deliverable is a 30-page ebook with chockful of practical tips, strategies, and advice on how to establish and foster a winning corporate culture.

Nurturing a Winning Corporate Culture – Content Outline:

  • Introduction
  • The Benefits of Having a Winning Workplace Culture
  • A Starting Point for Your Company Culture
  • Building a Winning Culture
  • Refining and evolving the Culture
  • Common Types of Workplace Cultures
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: Components of creating a Corporate Culture


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