Please use the Self-Development Learning Plan Worksheet to document your education needs and resources to improve yourself.  Once you have a list of resources, you can tap into them for improving your skills and developing your competencies.
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Self-Development Learning Plan Worksheet

  • Books, magazines, and resources available at the library or bookstore.
    Name of ResourceAuthorCost 
  • Websites with educational materials like eBooks, audios, or videos:
    Name of Resource, DetailsWebsite URLCost 
  • Name of ForumWebsite URLCost 
  • NameDates, Location, DetailsCost 
  • Name of Coach or MentorContact Information & NotesCost 
  • Company, PositionContact Info, DetailsPaid Position? 
  • Name of AssociationContact Info or WebsiteCost 
  • NameContact Info & Details 

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