The Self-Esteem Worksheet provides you with 25 ideas to boost your self-worth and self-image.  Low self-esteem makes life a bit more difficult to traverse. It increases our dependence on others, and our self-reliance takes a hit.

When low esteem shrouds your confidence and conviction, everything seems unreachable and beyond you.  Esteems issues can set in motion a downward spiral and each obstacle, and the negative event will exacerbate the situation.

With low self-esteem, every criticism will sting.  Every small setback will seem like the end of the world. Every success will seem like a fluke igniting a feeling that you perhaps don’t deserve it. You don’t have to live a life that way.

What is Self-Esteem Worksheet?

How do you get out of the rut and build up your self-esteem? Building up esteem is not an overnight transformation, and it takes time, effort, and a steady course.

Higher self-esteem is achievable with a plan, practice, and perseverance.

Try the 25-point Self-Esteem Worksheet as a starting step and then work your way toward building up your self-image.

For each activity in the Self-Esteem Worksheet, follow the idea or the tip, and then write it down.

Think of it as a one-month challenge and do each of the items. Then you will feel your self-esteem building up. Don’t top but continue with the good work.

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Self-Esteem Worksheet

  • Set a timer for 2 minutes and see how many you can list.
  • From making a healthy meal to working out to dressing well – all of these can make you feel good. Do one thing and document it here.
  • You’ll always fall short and feel bad about yourself if you try to be perfect. So do one task that is not super great but yet complete it.
  • Write down your past victory as a quick boost to your self-esteem.
  • It’s hard to feel good when your life is 100% predictable. Do something new today and document your experience.
  • You always think everyone else is better than you in one way or another. You’re better than everyone else, too. So, jot down three ways you are better than others.
  • Write down three of the best positive thoughts you’ve had.
  • Talk to that person you want to ask out for a date. Or ask for a raise. Or do something simpler – Smile at someone and have a conversation.
  • Show yourself that you’re a good person. Pay it forward.
  • It feels bad to be late with a project or obligation. Be early!
  • Hit the ground running with a plan in place.
  • Excelling at something is comforting and confidence-building.
  • Your physiology leads your psychology. How did it feel?
  • It could be as simple as working out for 30-minutes regularly for a week. Or making a delicious meal and cut down on take-out.
  • It might be your morning triple latte or staying up past 11:00 pm during the week.
  • Good eye contact will increase your confidence and self-esteem. (And you can slowly do it every day as you realize it is not scary at all.)
  • When you’re taking care of yourself, you feel better about yourself. Do yoga. Run. Golf. Bike. Hike. It doesn’t matter what it is.
  • Gratitude makes you feel better about your life. Name three things, persons, or events you are grateful for.
  • Take your clothing up to a notch for a day. Or shine your shoes. Wear a nice perfume. It doesn’t matter what it is, do something and jot it down.
  • Let go of the negative.
  • Go to the pawnshop and buy that guitar. Get the canvas, paints, and brushes you’ve been eyeing at the art store.
  • Say “no” to one optional activity that you don’t enjoy doing.
  • What would your ideal life look like?
  • You have a voice. Use it. But use it not to yell or scream but to make a valid point.
  • Volunteer or give of yourself in some other way.

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